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Richgrip Publisher is recognized by the National Library of Nigeria since 1996 and is registered and identified by the Nigerian ISBN Agency. Our Identifier no. is 34098. We are regularly updating in the dynamics of traditional and online book/ magazine publications. We are well informed about the latest trends in bibliographic control and international standards on publishing.


Richgrip Publishing House is thoroughly equipped to handle your manuscript typesetting and formatting with the best software in the industry. We have a crack team of experienced editors, proofreaders, and advisors well versed in copyediting and text management.

We have efficient, neat printers and bookbinders. Our top-class illustrators and graphic artists will guarantee you have apt and befitting cover designs to enhance the visual attraction and promotion of your books or magazines. Currently, Richgrip does not engage in direct physical marketing of books/ magazines. We promote and advertise books on selected websites and social media. The authors we publish have the exclusive right of their copyright and not the other way round.